Hi! We’re Michael Boorman and Zac Stevens, and we’re former students of Nexus ICA from 2012-2016. We’re more commonly known online as Wisdom Made Easy, which is our mission to get wiser and encourage other people to get wiser too.

If you are a Nexus alumni that shared your time with us in Coventry, you would likely be surprised to see that we’re devoting our time to encouraging people to get wiser.

It’s safe to say that we have spent a lot of time living as fools, including some of our time at Nexus. But it is our time at Nexus that was the catalyst for this growth, as it was where our relationships with Jesus truly became our own.

Our Story

Wisdom Made Easy was born out of a spiritual calling. At the end of 2021, Michael took part in The Calling Lab with Journey Communities (part of The MicroChurch Network) in Bicester. Throughout that programme, God revealed that his mission for the next season was to “help the lost find their way.” That calling partnered with the teachings of Proverbs, he began sharing visual interpretations of nuggets of wisdom online in May 2022

After a few weeks of sharing these illustrations online, a community began to form, and it was only a matter of months before Zac came on board and 100 followers became 100,000+. It has been a prime example of how when we partner with God, He will do far more than we can ever imagine.

And here we are 14 months later:

  • The community is continuing to grow above 130,000
  • We’ve reached over 50 million people
  • We’ve worked with entrepreneurs and authors like Steven Bartlett and Simon Alexander Ong
  • We’ve generated revenue to reinvest in encouraging even more people to get wiser
  • And ultimately, we have become wiser and continue to encourage people to get wiser too

Why wisdom?

Simply put, we believe it’s the best way to spend our time. After having almost 50 years combined experience of living as fools, we can say with confidence that devoting time on developing good judgement and how to appropriately apply knowledge or experiences is undoubtedly worthwhile. 

And don’t just take our word for it! King Solomon, who was described as the wisest person in the world, shares in Proverbs 4:7 that:

Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!

There’s something so simple and yet beautiful about this part of scripture, right? It is wise to get wiser, so let’s get wiser!

How has nexus played a role?

We wouldn’t be doing Wisdom Made Easy without Nexus.

First of all, we wouldn’t have met one another if we hadn’t met at Nexus. The relationships we’ve formed in this incredible place go well beyond the years of study. After a decade of meeting each other, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting one another through our walks with God, as groomsmen at each other’s weddings and we’re now co-directors of a limited company.

Nexus also built a safe environment where we could get to grips with our identities in Christ. We both have similar stories from Nexus when we left our old Earthly identities to adopt our new spiritual ones.

It also helped us to identify the importance of community. One of the most notable teachings we experienced was “The thing that I am part of is bigger than the part I play”, and we experienced that on numerous occasions as we came together to put on productions for Christmas, end of year concerts and RAG Weeks.

The notable nugget of wisdom that we learned at Nexus and continues to underpin much of what we do with Wisdom Made Easy is the Iceberg Principle, and we’d love to revisit it with you in our signature style.

Just like how the majority of an iceberg’s mass is not visible as it rests beneath the surface of the water, so too the work and effort that goes into visible success of a thing. Musicians, for example, might be visible playing to a sell-out crowd at a festival, but the audience don’t see the 10,000 hours practice that went into getting them to that stage – pun intended.

What next?

We’re fortunate to have a mission that we can pursue for the rest of our lives, so we’re planning on continuing to encourage people to get wise in every way possible.

We’re conscious that the ways in which we get wiser might differ to the next person, so we’re keen to explore new mediums with a growing newsletter, digital resources and even podcast or video content.

We’re actively inviting more people to join our mission by giving them a platform to share a principle that would help our community to get wiser.

And we’ve even begun exploring how we might be able to reinvest the resource that God has blessed us with, including sharing physical copies of The Wise Guide to Journaling (our e-book) with a charity that provides residents of a mental health hospital with care packages.

If you’d like to join us in encouraging people to get wiser, let’s get wiser together!

You can find us @WisdomMadeEasy on all platforms. Alternatively, visit our website at www.wisdommadeeasy.com

Michael & Zac

Michael & Zac

Nexus ICA Alumni

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