From the 25th to the 26th June, staff and students took time out to write and record songs that were a response to things God had been emphasising within the Nexus ICA community.

It was a challenging weekend, with long hours and a very tight deadline, and on top of this we took a collaborative approach to everything. You will know that collaborating, particularly on creative projects, can be really challenging, and even more so when tiredness is a factor! Despite this, we were so proud of how students pushed though and chose to work together in a supportive, united way. Sacrificing your own creative ideas is not always easy, but by valuing collaboration our students put aside their preferences and produced songs that they could all sing and declare as one, and in doing so came up with songs that better represented what God has been saying to us all.

On Saturday night we joined together to worship God and capture the songs (video and audio). You can watch the first release from the weekend, ‘Warrior of Love’, below.

Strength will rise

On the Saturday night we also had the pleasure of hosting Lucy Grimble. Lucy sang an arrangement of ‘Everlasting God’ which was inspired by one of the main meetings at Spring Harvest, Minehead, where Lucy had led.

Our principal, Matt Cossey, played keys with Lucy that night, and since worked with Lucy and a group of students to develop this arrangement.

Lucy explained on the night that she loves how joyful and upbeat this song is; something that is often rare in songs about ‘waiting on the Lord’. We were so thrilled to have Lucy join us and lead us so well as we worshipped God through this amazing, joyful song. 

If you like the version you can download the lead sheet for free below.


To find out more about what inspired this arrangement head over to ‘My Spring Harvest’ where you can read an article by our Principal, Matt Cossey.

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