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We hope you choose to study with us but we appreciate the decision of where to study can be daunting. The FAQs here answer some of our more common questions we image you might be asking.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Am I eligible for any kind of government grant or student loans whilst studying at Nexus ICA?

Quite possibly. Please visit out Fees and Payments page for more details.

Am I eligible to receive housing benefit?

Unfortunately students of Higher Education institutions are not eligible for housing benefit.

Are the houses furnished?

Yes. All Nexus houses are fully-furnished and inspected twice a year to ensure suitability. Each student will have their own bedroom and have access to a shared kitchen, lounge and bathroom. All kitchens are fitted with white goods – cooker, washing machine, fridge and freezer (some have microwaves) and include cutlery and crockery.

Can I opt out of the iPad programme?

No. We use the iPads as an essential part of course participation and delivery.

Can I sponsor a student through Nexus ICA?

Yes. We can take cheques, bank transfers or a standing order can be set up. Payments can also be paid through CAF.

Can I visit Nexus ICA?

Yes. Please see the Open Day section of our website.

Can international students apply?

Yes. Visit our International Students page for more information.

Can Nexus ICA claim Gift Aid on a student’s fees?

No. This is because the student would benefit from the gift aid rather than the charity. It’s a grey area, but we can not claim gift aid on student fees.

Do I have to live in Nexus ICA housing if I become a Nexus ICA student?

No, you are free to find your own accommodation if you wish. There will be an opportunity for you to specify this on your application form.

Do I have to pay for my iPad?

No. The iPad is provided at no extra cost to the student.

Do students own their iPads?

For students enrolled on our BA (Hons) course, the iPad will remain the property of Nexus until the student has graduated and all fees have been paid, at which point the iPad is then the student’s property.

For our CertHE students, they will have the option to purchase the iPads at a reduced cost at the end of their studies.

Do you offer online courses?

We are in the process of developing and expanding the amount of digital teaching material we’re creating for people outside of our student-body. Although this does not yet constitute a full course, it gives a snapshot of the kind of teaching that takes place here at Nexus ICA. You can visit our YouTube channel to access our videos.

Does Nexus ICA offer part-time courses?

At this point in time, Nexus only offer full time courses. However, private lessons are available. Please see the ‘Can I get private lessons?’ question.

How can fees be paid?

Tuition fees are due in full at the start of year. If this is not possible you can pay in 3 equal installments (to be payable on the first day of Semester 1, the first day back after the Christmas break and again after the Easter break). For more information, visit out Fees and Payments page.

How do I apply?

Visit the Apply Now page for more information.

How do I know if I’m Grade 6 standard?

For some of our courses, we require students to demonstrate a level of musical competency equivalent to RockSchool Grade 6. We recognise that many contemporary musicians don’t have formal musical qualifications which is why we ask students to audition.

We should stress that this isn’t an exam, but that we are looking for you to demonstrate your musical competence in reference to audition criteria. These criteria are based on the RockSchool Grade 6 syllabus.

How much are tuition fees?

Visit our Fees and Payments page for more information.

How much does accommodation cost?

Rent is approximately £345 per month, payable one month in advance. This includes water and internet but doesn’t include food & other living costs. We would recommend budgeting approximately £60 per month for utilities and £80 per month for food.

I already own an iPad, do I need another one?

Yes. Although you may already own an iPad or similar, the devices that we provide to students are pre-configured with the necessary course materials and safeguards required for academic use.

I can’t make it to an Open Day, can I still apply?

Yes. If you can not make it to an Open Day you still need to submit your application form with two references. In some instances it may be possible to visit on a day other than an open day, this would need to be arranged through our admin department, see the Contact Us page for more information.

I’m worried I won’t pass the theory exam. Should I still apply?

Absolutely. We recognise that many modern musicians don’t always have a background in theory and that theory exams can be a daunting prospect. However, the theory paper for our music courses is based around Popular Music theory and should relate to what you already listen to and play.

You are allowed 45 minutes to complete the exam and the pass mark is 40%. If you don’t pass it the first time, you will be offered a resit at a later date which will give you opportunity to develop your theory knowledge.

We can assist you with this and are shortly bringing out resources to enable your theory development.

If you have any concerns, we suggest that you get in touch with us and don’t let this be a barrier to your application process. Many students with a little bit of tuition can make quick progress in this area.

Is it guaranteed that I will placed in a Nexus ICA house?

All early applicants will have a place in a Nexus house. For late applicants, we will do everything we can to accommodate you, however, we cannot guarantee a place in a Nexus house for anyone who applies after July.

What are the English language requirements for your courses?

Nexus requires a level of technical English, including musical and biblical terminology, that goes beyond conversational English. IELTS Level 6 is required for international students, as well as equivalent academic qualifications. Please see our International Students page for more information.

What do you use iPads for?

We don’t just see iPads as a digital texbook – students use them for such things as note taking, mind-maps, drawing, video creation, email, music creation/production, email, web-access and much more.

What happens if I break or lose my iPad?

We provide comprehensive insurance with all the iPads that lasts as long as you’re a student here.

What is a 1:1 iPad Programme?

The term ‘one to one’ in technology terms refers to the fact that, in such programmes, there is one device for one student. At Nexus, every student receives an iPad as part of their induction onto the course. When the student’s time at Nexus is finished, they are free to take their iPad with them.

What qualifications or experience do I need to apply for Nexus ICA?

Visit our course pages for a complete outline of the qualifications required.

What qualifications will I gain?

The qualification you will receive after completing your studies at Nexus ICA will depend on what course you take:

  • One-year CertHE: You will receive a Certificate of Higher Education, which is validated by the University of West London. This is the equivalent of the first year of a degree course.
  • Three-year BA (Hons): You will receive a BA (Honours) degree, which is validated by the University of West London.
  • There is currently the option for students who have completed two years of study with Nexus ICA to continue their studies in London in order to obtain a degree classification from the University of West London. Visit our degree options page for more details.

Where do students live?

Students live in rented houses close to Nexus, with 2-6 other Nexus students of the same gender. We work with three local Coventry landlords that we have built good relationships with over the last several years.

Why iPads?

For several years now, we’ve been looking at providing a device for students that allows them a greater level of interaction with the course syllabus than a traditional paper-based system. We chose the iPad over other devices due to its excellent battery life, portability, rich application ecosystem, availability of third party accessories and the high level of support available. Although we’re the first higher education establishment in the UK to rollout iPads in this way, there are numerous institutions worldwide that implemented this prior to us and we’ve been able to draw upon their experiences in order to provide a device to students that greatly increases their quality of learning.

Will I be able to have a part-time job whilst I’m at Nexus ICA?

It is possible to hold down a part time job whilst studying, however, the demands of the course are very high, so it will require good time management and an ability to prioritise. We encourage students to exhaust all other avenues of support and fundraising before considering a part time job.

Will Nexus ICA prepare me to be a worship leader?

Yes, absolutely.  Nexus will give you intensive training in all of the practical and spiritual areas that are essential to be an effective worship leader within the church.  Prepare to grow, have new revelation, and an expanded definition of what it is to be a worshipper as we open up God’s word and get back to the heart of worship.

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