Day two done and dusted and what a day it’s been! 

The challenge is well and truly underway as all three of our amazing walking teams reached their 25k target (mostly) before the rain came in! 

Whilst this fundraising week is focused on just that – fundraising (see our RAG week 2023 webpage) – we are already seeing fulfilment of our expectations to see God here.

Speaking to some of the walkers today, it was so wonderful to hear accounts of this in action such as:

  • Feelings of renewed strength through God when theirs ran out!
  • Awe at the beauty of our surroundings and the wonder of His creation.
  • Gratitude for the generosity and encouragement received from people within Nexus ICA & from strangers.

One of our founders and members of the board, Kate Silber, chatted with me about how closely God has been felt in each of the Nexus ICA RAG events so far. She shared how clearly her, and so many others, have felt heavenly encouragement in the organisation and participation in our fundraising efforts, and the Godly provisions that have been experienced throughout the years.

Kate Silber, chatted with me about how closely God has been felt in each of the Nexus ICA RAG events so far

How good is our God?! To know that our work is not only affirmed by Him but encouraged and supported! This definitely puts an extra spring in our step, and an extra oomph in our support.

So, we end our first walking day with:  

Some sore feet and (direct quote) “questionable legs.” Though nothing that a group stretch, and restful night can’t fix! 

Over 200 meals already served by our fantastic catering team (catering team for the win!) 

But most importantly, championing and encouragement coming out of our ears! 

RAG Week day two, you’ve been a gem.


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