Our penultimate day has brought with it MANY challenges. 

Even with my blog-friendly sugar coating, this task is getting tricky!

As always, our wonderful non-walkers (e.g., content and catering team, support team and staff team) have been working around the clock to facilitate the comfort and safety of everyone here.

Have you seen the reels and stories on our Instagram? They are incredible!

For our last night sleeping at the church, we were surprised with the yummiest homemade cake by the catering team – their talent continues to amaze!

If you will indulge me, I wanted to share something a bit different with you from today…Among the many wonderful conversations I’ve had this week, one today has really stuck with me.

One of our walkers has a long-standing fear of heights, and when out today they faced a very steep decline that caused that phobia to rear its ugly head. Verbal encouragements were not calming enough, so someone reached out a hand gently, offering and helping them with a continuous hold and steadying for the duration of their descent.

Whilst this recount was merely a passing comment amidst a larger conversation about the day, I found myself still thinking of it as I climbed into my sleeping bag.

As soppy as this might sound, THIS is my Nexus ICA.

This has been my experience over the last three years. Moving into places of discomfort, stepping out in faith into what scares me, knowing that I am held – not only by those around me, but also by God.

The Nexus ICA community strives intentionally to cultivate Christlike values and attitudes, to uplift and encourage each other in areas of growth.

I think the reason this little story stuck with me so much is because I see a reflection of heaven in it. This is what RAG week is meant to be, peace in trials, comradery in challenges, and safety in relationships.

...peace in trials, comradery in challenges, and safety in relationships.

As much as I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, I am so sad that RAG week 2023 is coming to an end. Whilst entirely tiring, it has been one of the most joyful weeks of my life.



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