We’re halfway there!

We’re tired but still very happy. Our students and staff are still making their way around the Peak District, smashing all targets, and making the best memories along the way.

It’s been a lot muggier today, and the sporadic drizzles are not helping to break cloud cover, meaning that raincoats are coming on and off faster than you can say “RAG week”.

However, the turning weather has done nothing to dampen our spirits, or the magnificence of the views. I mean, check out those smiles! (below) 

Discover what our teams have been up to in the post below, and while you’re at it, why not consider donating? 

So, what have our teams been up to? 

A field of cows unnerved some of our walkers today, but after slow and respectful creeping around the animals, the teams made it through to the other side without a single bovine faceoff!

The catering team have been on restock mode, getting ready to prepare and serve a further 300+ meals for us, including a picnic at the finish line on Friday! (Ps. you’re invited to join!)

The content creation team have been darting about the checkpoints conducting fun interviews and getting some great footage – including some drone shots (watch our Halfway Highlights on YouTube, or check out our social media for more content, including Instagram story interviews & reels!).

Our super dedicated support team have been making stops along the walking route, checking on everyone and helping them carry on. They’ve even set up a ‘foot soak’ station for all our returning hikers, equipped with soft towels and nice smelling soap (an added necessity I would say after 25k).

Tonight is looking to be a bit quieter. The acoustic guitars and crosswords are out as the long days start to catch up with us. An avid crossworder myself, I have never known these puzzles to be such a team sport – one pen, one crossword, 10 people all searching their brains for the name of the Milan Opera House…

 7 letters – do you know it?

(I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that yours truly finally remembered the answer!) 



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