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Nexus is closing.

For 26 years Nexus Institute of Creative Arts has been training and equipping Christian musicians, songwriters, and technicians from all over the globe.

Our founders Dave and Kate Silber saw the need to build a place where people could come to grow and mature in their faith and musicianship.

 From its humble ‘gap-year’ beginnings in 1998, Nexus has grown to offering multiple degrees, and we’ve now seen over 1000 students come through our doors.

Through the ministry of Nexus, God has transformed so many lives and raised the sights of so many young people. The amount of skill, spiritual maturity and resource that has flown from this place into this city, this nation, and beyond, is a testimony to God’s goodness and faithfulness.

But just as any great story has an ending, the time is coming for Nexus ICA to close.
This means that from now on, Nexus won’t be recruiting any new students, but will remain fully operational for a further two years, as we complete the education of our current students.

This decision has not been easy, but has been made prayerfully and alongside wise counsel, and is the result of considering both the financial sustainability of the business, and the sense in God that He is bringing something He started to a close.

We’re overwhelmed with gratitude for what God has done through Nexus over the last 26 years. We’re sure some of you are saddened by this news and we’re sad too but for us it coexists with a sense of joy and peace that God has us covered and this is the right time.

There will be change ahead, we may not continue in Astoria House but what will not change is our commitment to fully deliver what God has asked of us. We know God is good. We know God is faithful. And we will be faithful to his speaking and leading in the season ahead. In the Kingdom things don’t fizzle out because God is always doing a new thing.

Nexus may be heading towards closure, but we’re not interested in anything less than ‘strength to strength’ and we’re going to make these last two years the very best yet.
So, as we approach what may be our last end of year shows in Astoria House, we will continue to do what He has asked us to do; to lift a sound of rejoicing and a shout of praise and thankfulness for all that He has done.

So, we invite you to join us in this. Please, put these dates in your dairies and together, let’s make these end of year shows the most joyful, powerful offering of praise and faith yet. We’d really love to see you there.

And finally, from all of us at Nexus ICA, we want to thank all of you for your support over the years, be it through prayer, or finance, or for pouring your time and resource into us. Nexus has always been about the people because the people are the gold. So, all of you who are connected to Nexus in some way, be it our current students and staff, our alumni, our partners, our patrons – you are our story, you are our legacy.

Thank you.

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