3 years is a lot of time to commit to a degree and the last thing you want is for your child to be unhappy with where they are studying

If your child does happen to find themselves in the unfortunate position of being disillusioned by their current course they might be wrestling with what options are available, besides just sticking it out.

The great news is that if they are a passionate musician we’d love to see whether we could accommodate them on our BA (Hons) Popular Music & Worship.

Whether they are currently studying music or not, we can take a look at how transferable the credits are that they have accrued so far and determine what year of our degree we could start them in. Ideally allowing them to switch to a degree that better fits them without wasting the time they have already spent at university.

Will they really be happier at Nexus ICA?

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. In fact, we look to grow each and every one of our students based on who they are and their individual potential, not who we think they should be. We call this person-centred education. Those that choose to study with us stick around for the duration, developing both personally and professionally with high satisfaction rates and high pass rates.

“Nexus was a great environment to learn in and helped facilitate my professional career.” Matt Bramhall, keys player (Rita Ora, Alesha Dixon, Leona Lewis, Nicole Scherzinger)

Here are a few highlights of what makes Nexus ICA a great alternative choice for study:

  • We deliver exceptional results: 95% pass rate, with 86% leaving with a 2:1 or higher (2017-2018)
  • We provide unprecedented access to practice facilities (without the major booking issues of other institutions)
  • Our higher than average staff-to-student ratio and ethos towards students allows us to provide a level of 1-to-1 support uncommon in higher education
  • A typical year with us costs thousands less than other degrees (approx £6k, compared to the £9k average) 


Now is the perfect time to explore your child’s options of moving their studies to Nexus Institute of Creative Arts. One of our admissions team would love to chat more with you or your child to assess their options.

Hit the button below to get in touch and we’ll be able to help you further.