Choosing courage

Moving to Coventry was the first time I’d relocated away from the small market town I grew up in, so naturally it was a big transition physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

New city, new people, new house, new degree… it could have very easily been overwhelming – and at times it was – particularly when starting a degree six months after a global pandemic!

It was tempting in a season of so many new things, to draw boundaries with my social activity and give myself time to recharge. One area I considered putting on hold was finding a church community to call ‘home’. 

In some cases, the decision to draw a boundary had been a wise and helpful way to ensure I didn't operate beyond my social and emotional capacity. However, in this instance, church was not the area I needed to put on hold, but one that required courage.

Finding clarity

Photographed by Miriam Barton at St Marks Coventry. Instagram:

Admittedly, this wasn’t easy even though I had family that regularly attended the church I now call home – St. Marks. Once the first big step was out of the way, finding a church in the city helped me to get to know other Christians in a new city, that weren’t just my peers or my house mates. It meant that as well as Nexus ICA, I could be part of another safe, supportive, and edifying environment – one that can help facilitate growth in my walk with God. 

Being part of a church community has also brought clarity to my calling into church ministry as a worship pastor. Before I started my studies at Nexus ICA, I took two years out to gain experience in worship leading as a creative director with a charity organisation near my hometown. I knew that moving to Coventry was going to be an important chapter in pursuing the calling God has put on my life, but I wasn’t aware of how God would weave together the narrative through joining a church.

After about six months of prayerful consideration, I joined the worship team at St. Marks. God surrounded me with mentors and people that were already in the team who could prayerfully speak into my development in worship leading.

Over the past two years, I have had many opportunities to develop my experience in leading corporate worship and have been trusted with responsibility within the team.

Being given these opportunities has massively helped in clearly discerning the next steps within the narrative of my life in ministry. 

Having this role within St. Marks has meant that, alongside completing my degree, I have been consistently plugged into God’s calling on my life outside of my study. Which in turn, has meant that I have had security when considering the direction of life after my time at Nexus ICA!

In reflection, although not all of the process has been smooth sailing, God has poured out His blessing beyond what I could imagine – both within my studies and in church – as a result of stepping out in courage!

Photographed by Miriam Barton at St Marks Coventry.


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