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  1. Outrage around Vice Chancellor salaries made front-page news, universities were accused of mis-selling courses and student satisfaction is down for the third year in a row. Clearly, this year has been a challenging one for the higher education sector.

For those of us passionate about education and its ability to release students into their full potential, it makes for sobering reading. Can it really be the case that undergraduates are so disillusioned with their courses that only 1/3rd of them think they’re getting good value for money?

Thankfully, we are one of several institutions that are bucking the trend:

  • Nexus ICA student satisfaction rate sits at an incredible 95%
  • Nexus ICA’s courses cost thousands less than the typical £9,250 per year being charged elsewhere
  • Nexus ICA’s courses require no expensive textbooks or surprise costs on enrolment. We provide you with everything you need to study on the course – including your own iPad. For free.

We have always chosen an alternative path. We fully believe that the role of education is not simply limited to the imparting of knowledge and skills. Our educational ethos is built on the idea that a holistic approach to teaching and learning, in an environment that genuinely supports and cares for the individual, can bring about transformational change in students.

Are you looking for a degree with a difference? Are you already on a course that isn’t releasing you into your full potential?

Get in touch. Make 2020 the year you become the musician you were created to be.

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