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This year’s annual RAG (Raising and Giving) Week challenge saw us attempt our first Triathlon style event – the Nexus Tri-Tour. The Tri-Tour was planned and executed by a mostly student team. Over 4 days, we travelled 25+ miles on foot, 40 miles in canoes and 75 miles on bike between 19th and 22nd June 2018.

It’s great to build friendships and know that this event can help impact future students both at Nexus and in the Ukraine.

– Sam, 2nd Year Student

Event Summary Video

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The students began planning this event to make sure it would:

  • build community across the institute
  • raise money for charitable causes
  • stretch each participant to show that they are capable of more than they think
  • give each person the opportunity to apply what we teach on the course in a real, tangible way
  • make lifetime memories, taking on and completing an incredible challenge together!

We really gelled as a team – it was amazing to see, again, what’s possible when you work as a team. But it’s good to remember that you need to figure it out together each time as well.

– Team 5, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year Students


This year we were pleased to partner with UETS in raising money for them as an institution. We have worked alongside UETS for the past 14 years. They carry a very similar vision and mandate to ours, but in a territory which is far more restrictive and prohibitive due to the ongoing tensions in the Ukraine.

The money that we’re sending really is life-changing. It buys 30 – 40 times what it would be able to buy here in the UK. We hope this will set them on a different course for their future.

– Dave Silber, Founder of Nexus ICA

We look forward to sending 20% of all money raised to them, knowing that this will allow them to significantly advance their mission, staff body and teaching facilities.

Find out more about our partnership with UETS here


This event was certainly challenging! A typical day for a participant would involve waking up between 5:30am and 6:30am, travelling on foot, canoe or bike for between 10-12 hours before arriving at the next accommodation stop, ready to do the same thing again the following day.

For members of the support team, their day often began at 5am, waking up the teams, preparing food to feed 90+ people, packing vans, transporting canoes, administrating supplies and logistics, ensuring routes were correct, manning checkpoints and delivering snacks and supplies along the route. They were always the last to bed, ensuring everything was ready for the next day.

It’s really about us as a family doing something great together. It’s really tough – my feet were in constant pain for parts – but finishing the event together was amazing.

– Mike, 2nd Year Student

There were so many opportunities for students to get involved and develop themselves and those around them and we were really pleased to see how the students engaged with each of these opportunities, applying the principles and skills they had learnt on the course and seeing them at work in a different context.

Well done!

We’re so proud of everyone who completed this event – well done to you all! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far through donating or supporting the event in whichever way you have.

This is absolutely part of the success and we hope with your continued support that we can finally reach our fundraising target of £30,000.

Help us reach our fundraising target – share or donate here!

A special mention also the following people who made this event possible:

  • theBarn – provided us with two nights of accommodation
  • Evesham Methodist Church – provided us with one night of accommodation
  • RockUK and Lee Musson – provided equipment, training and ensured safety during the event. Consistently Lee went above and beyond what we’d asked to ensure this event went well. We could not have done this event without you!
  • Rebekah R – provided medical assistance and general support
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