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We’ve recently said goodbye to one of our staff family members as he’s made a move to London after many years of life spent with us here.  We’ll really miss his presence here at Nexus; but we’re excited for this new season in his life.  We asked him a few questions about his time here at Nexus ICA:

So, Tom, what have you moved on to do now?

I decided to move on so I can have more time to focus on my own playing career and to have more time to invest into the bands that I manage. I feel like this has been the right time to go, however leaving so many of my good friends in the staff body and so many great students behind was always going to be tough.

You originally came to Nexus ICA as a student.  What was your student experience like?

When I think back to my student years I can only smile. When I first arrived at Nexus I was a young and immature child and, to be honest, I only came for the music side of the course. However, God quickly turned my life around.  By the end of the first term I was a changed man and in eager pursuit of what God had for me. The life I found through the courses and tutors at Nexus and through my own personal submission to His leading is what kept me at Nexus all these years, and my desire to see the same transformation in the students continues to this day.

How have you seen Nexus ICA grow and change over your 8 years here?

Over the last eight years Nexus has changed in many ways and during my time there it has grown significantly relationally; both between staff members and with students, and in its relationship with the education sector. And also in moving more strategically toward an end destination, and to that end currently Nexus is on its way to being able to offer a full three year degree! The last few years have at times been challenging but I believe (and I know the rest of the staff do too), that the best years are ahead and that Nexus has a bright and full future ahead of it.

How has it been working with the staff at Nexus ICA?

It has been my privilege to work alongside some of my closest friends in fulfilling what God has called us to do. There is something amazing about seeing the best brought out in someone and then seeing how that benefits the rest of the company. You will be hard stretched to find a group of people that work harder or better than the Nexus staff.  That partnered with their constant grace, compassion, mentoring, and time for the students both current, future and alumni will forever be their legacy. They stand strong and firm in a world that says they shouldn’t. They deserve every success and blessing that comes their way, and maybe even a holiday once in a while.

What would be the one thing you would say to anyone thinking about coming to study at Nexus ICA?

Do it!! I came having no expectations, but now I can see that God brought me to Nexus for a purpose.  It was no accident, and I believe from the bottom of my heart that there is nowhere better for young Christian musicians to go and be trained. You will find a community ready to lead you, disciple you, and encourage you into your God given calling. Don’t miss an opportunity — sign up to an open day today.

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