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Our first year offering a full degree programme is now complete. From beginning to end, it has been incredible.

Thoughts from the 17/18 Academic Year

by Dave Ashworth, Director of Education

July is a strange time at Nexus ICA. As students leave for a well-deserved summer break, Astoria House descends into an eerie silence broken only by the tap-tap of staff keyboards as we energetically begin making preparations for the next academic year. Once one milestone has been passed, it’s so easy to simply look to the next – for significant events to pass by with barely a whisper.

However, this year has been so significant, and it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on what a fantastic year it’s been. For Nexus, it has been our goal for many years to run a degree programme – for students to leave here with a CV that matched their brilliance. This was the year that this dream became a reality.

Graduation can often be a chance to recognize our own achievements, but that is not what stood out to me. When I looked out from the stage, I saw staff members that dreamed of the day that Nexus would offer a full degree. I’ve never been more grateful for people who have stood the test of time in order to see God’s vision come to pass through the walls of our university.

– Valerie, Vocals Graduate

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Although our staff put in the countless hours, late nights, early mornings and incredible sacrifices to deliver this incredible course, as always, it was the students who were the stars of the show. Their hard work, diligence and attitude to learning over the past nine months was as humbling as it was inspiring. And what has been so amazing to see is that they’re leaving here with achievements that match their efforts.

Highlights from our end of year statistics:

This level of success is incredible to see, and behind each degree certificate and statistic is a student that we’re immensely proud of. Roll on next year.

I am a very proud to have pioneered in this new season alongside my brothers and sisters at the graduation. All I was thinking about when I was graduating was how much each person had sacrificed and achieved to fulfil God’s mission for their lives and for Nexus; not only this year, but for all the students of the past 20 years. That left me speechless.

– Stephen, Drums Graduate

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