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Open day date: Wednesday, 19th August 2020

Thanks to the hard work of our facilities team, we are now able to confidently welcome guests into our building again. This means that our next and final open day of the 2019-2020 academic year will be on site!

What can you expect?

There will be sessions designed specifically to answer any question you may have about entering higher education with Nexus ICA. You can also expect comprehensive overviews of our courses and numerous sessions covering all areas of student life. And, of course, we will be talking about our educational approach with regard to Covid-19 restrictions for this September. You’ll even get to see a socially distanced performance on our large stage!

To ensure proper social distancing according to government guidelines, we will be running the open day twice, with a limit of 10 households per open day. See below for timings.

Open Day A: 10am-12.30pm. We will open the doors at 9.45am for refreshments.
Sign up if you are interested in the following degrees:
BA (Hons) Songwriting
– BA (Hons) Popular Music & Worship
– BA (Hons) Event Technology

Open Day B: 2pm-4.30pm. We will open the doors at 1.45pm for refreshments.
Sign up if you are interested in the following degrees:
BA (Hons) Popular Music & Worship
– BA (Hons) Event Technology

How will we be ensuring your safety on the day?
The following measures are in accordance with government guidance as of 24th July 2020.

  • 2-metre social distancing will be made possible during all sessions
  • Regular cleaning of high traffic areas and high touch surfaces will take place in accordance with government guidance
  • Anti-bacterial hand gels are readily available for use throughout the day 
  • Room capacities have been calculated to allow for full 2-metre social distancing to be adhered to, including toilets & other communal areas
  • A one-way system has been put in place to eliminate the risk of close passing in corridors and stairwells 
  • No staff member or visitor showing any symptoms of Coronavirus will be allowed to enter the building
  • The building is kept suitably ventilated throughout the day, through the use of opening windows at regular points, & keeping air vents on to provide adequate ventilation to downstairs rooms 
  • Musical performance will be done in accordance with the strictest government guidance for the performing arts 
  • Serving of refreshments will be completed in accordance with government guidance for food and drink preparations

So, if you are still deciding where to study this September, have been entered into Clearing, or just want to find out more about what we do, sign up today.

Interested in our MMus Music Performance? Get in touch to arrange a one-to-one session with our Course Leader for MMus Music Performance.

4 thoughts on “Open Day On Site

  1. Hello, I would just like to find out what age you have to be to study music here as I could not find it.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, there is no upper or lower age limit to study with us. Anyone is welcome. However, most of our students are of university age; 17-19. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Hozana, it is entirely up to you how you would like to divide up your time with regard to studying. However, it is only possible to study on our undergraduate degree courses full-time and on-site. This means that it might be difficult to study on one of our courses as well as another simultaneously.
      Hopefully that’s helpful!

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