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Last month three members of Nexus ICA staff along with 2 alumni travelled across the pond to NAMM 2016, a music industry trade show held in California. They had been invited by American Music & Sound to demo at the show for Nord, a Swedish keyboard company. Matt Cossey, Nexus ICA Piano & Keyboards Tutor and official Nord artist tells us more about the trip.

How did the relationship with NAMM start?

Three years ago I released a video online showcasing different sounds on the Nord, showing how to create the sounds used in popular riffs and hooks. American Music & Sound, who distribute Nord keyboards in the US, saw the video and suggested that the Nexus team come and demo in the Nord booth at NAMM. We said yes, and this is now our second year to have performed there!

What were your highlights of the trip?

This year I was the “spokesman” for the Nord Piano 3, a new product launched at NAMM 2016. I was given the privilege and responsibility of speaking at press conferences, doing video demos, and I was one of the first people outside of Sweden to play the instrument. It was a real privilege, and the teams at Nord and American Music & Sound took such good care of us whilst we were there; we felt like part of the family.

Is there anything that demoing at NAMM 2016 has taught you?

NAMM has proved that it’s more about who you are than what you can do. The Nexus team primarily went out with the aim of serving the guys at NAMM, and so we built some really genuine relationships with people. Despite being saturated in a world of very skilled musicians, something stood out about us that had nothing to do with our ability. By trusting in who we are and what we have to offer, people really see a difference, and that is key.

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