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The Nexus ICA Gospel Choir started in 2007. Our goal was to regularly bring our staff, students and alumni together. We meet every week on a Tuesday afternoon to learn gospel arrangements, enjoy worshipping together and have loads of fun. Our gospel choir has quickly become one of our most popular extra-curricular activities since all students are welcome to join. Regardless of what pathway they are studying on.

Over the last few years we have had several incredible opportunities to perform up and down the country. Our RAG Week Tour in Summer 2019, the finals of the University Gospel Choir of the Year (UGCY) competition in 2018 and 2019, and most recently, the finals for BBC One’s Songs of Praise, Gospel Choir of the Year 2019.

Watch The Choir In Action

Below you can watch some of our performances and interviews to give you an insight into what being a part of the choir is like

Soul’s Anthem/Trust In You Medley

Being part of the Nexus ICA Gospel Choir is a really enjoyable and developmental experience. It’s amazing to be able to stand alongside fellow students and declare truths about who God is in a creative way. It’s also really rewarding to play a part in the process as we create harmonies and see how our voices come together to make a unified and powerful sound.

Eve Dawson – 2nd Year Vocalist
Nexus ICA Gospel Choir Introduction

Recording our University Gospel Choir of the Year (UGCY) entry video has been my highlight of being involved so far. It was a great experience to play along with the choir and hear them worship. Being involved in that was really special. It was amazing to see the choir bringing the songs to life and still worshipping despite recording for the competition. I am excited to see what this opportunity brings next.

Jack Morris – 2nd Year Guitarist

One thought on “The Nexus ICA Gospel Choir

  1. TO:- The Nexus ICA Gospel Choir
    Colin Gordon here from G Choir living in Lincoln.
    Enjoyed your song from the 19 Oct today on TV.
    I am working to institute a sequence of Gospel Singing events here in Lincoln in the hope of attracting the University of Lincoln to become involved in promoting Gospel as part of the music curriculum and generate enough local interest to start a Lincoln Gospel Choir.
    The main idea here is to run a series of workshops and Gospel concerts, probably Feb – May 2020. The afternoon session would involve anyone interested in trying out Gospel Singing and the evening concert would be given by members of the group facilitating the day with the participation of the attendees of the afternoon workshop. During and following the series of events, it will be possible to gauge the level of interest in establishing a regular University/ Community Gospel Choir in Lincoln, meeting weekly, fortnightly monthly or just continuing the workshops as appropriate.
    I have had interest from the staff of the University Music Department already but as they are overstretched and, in their own words “don’t know anything about Gospel” it seem best to arrange a number of standalone Saturday afternoon workshops to “show our wares” as it were and I am sure things will then pick up. I have already had a commitment from Kathy Bullock of Berea USA and G Choir Hull to stage events and I am writing to you to see if members of the The Nexus ICA Gospel Choir would be willing to travel to Lincoln and run such an event also? Travel could probably be funded from ticket sales and other local fund raising and events grants.
    I you think it is possible please let me know so that we can arrange a timetable of these events for the and produce joint advertising of the Springtime Gospel in Lincoln events .
    Colin Gordon – Linclon G Choir – Hull

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