On 23 May 2018, we had world-renowned drummer Anika Nilles with us to kick off our 20th Anniversary celebration events. It was an incredible day, which inspired our students and all who came.

Her work ethic was really eye-opening. She plays so well, but she’s worked really hard at nailing each rudiment, refining each part of her playing. It was really helpful to hear what it’s taken to get to where she is today and helps me to start making the most of my practice time too.

– Dan, 2nd Year

Covering topics such as beat displacement, subdivisions, drum tone, dynamics, the music industry, practice and drumming methodology, this event was packed full of insights and methods that Anika has developed over the years and shared openly. It was great to have some of our students get up and play the kit during the masterclass, putting into practice some of the things that Anika was teaching and getting personal, real-time instruction for the expert herself.

Encouraging our students, Anika said, “I heard some good things today, some good musicality. I just want to encourage you to keep practicing, to go deep into your studies here, because I think you could turn out really good one day – genuinely”.

Nexus ICA Drum Alumni

Nexus ICA Drum Alumni Joe Morris and John Griffiths opened up the evening performance with a mini set each. It was brilliant to hear how both of them had grown and developed their own personal, unique sound. Not only did they demonstrate a firm grasp of advanced skills, but they were true to themselves and played something authentic. With all the pressure and Anika watching on, to see two of our drummers prepared and able to declare something of who they are on their instrument was an incredible success.

Anika said of the day, “It was really nice being here – I felt really comfortable, the students were awesome and you’ve got some great people here – I hope I can come back” – well, we certainly hope you can too!