Always growing.

Matt Donald – assistant principal I have always been fascinated by interdisciplinary art. Along with my passion for music creation and performance, I am also

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Spring Harvest worship

Prophetic Musicianship

I’ve heard there was a secret chord Leonard Cohen’s beautiful song, ‘Hallelujah’, opens with a lyric that has always intrigued me. “I’ve heard there was

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Nexus ICA Worship

Wisdom Made Easy: Our story and how Nexus ICA played a part.

If you are a Nexus alumni that shared your time with us in Coventry, you would likely be surprised to see that we’re devoting our time to encouraging people to get wiser.

It’s safe to say that we have spent a lot of time living as fools, including some of our time at Nexus. But it is our time at Nexus that was the catalyst for this growth, as it was where our relationships with Jesus truly became our own.

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