Our Facilities

Astoria House

Our amazing home

We have the privilege of being homed in the beautiful Astoria House. Opened in 1922 as a cinema, this building has a rich-history within its community, culminating with it now accommodating our bespoke teaching and concert facilities. It is the perfect environment for educating aspiring musicians, songwriters and technicians. Equipped with a large, professional performance hall, an iMac suite to produce music, and rehearsal spaces to develop your technique or rehearse in bands, our building is fully equipped to help you grow and excel in your craft.


Our Teaching Facilities

Here at Nexus ICA, we have individual classrooms for each of the instrument pathways we teach. Every room is fitted out with all the equipment necessary for students to learn, practice and develop. We also have dedicated practice rooms on site; each outfitted with a full band setup and PA. The college is open from 8am to 8pm each weekday and these rooms are available for personal or group rehearsals during these times.

Throughout the year, students will have many opportunities to perform in our excellently equipped performance hall. Many of the course related performances take place on this stage, while students also take part and perform in several concert productions that happen during the course of the year.

The Mac Lab

State of the Art Resources

We have a state-of-the-art collection of iMacs available for students to develop their compositional and music production abilities. Each machine is equipped with a suite of different music software options as well as research tools, media creation and more.

Concert Facilities

A home for events

As well as an excellent teaching facility, the Nexus ICA building makes for a fantastic events venue. In the past we have held a variety of concerts, masterclasses, conferences, wedding receptions and church services in our well-equipped auditorium.

This is where our students hone their performance skills.

If you’re looking to host a spectacular event, our facilities are available to hire – please send an enquiry detailing your requirements.